New Directions: Updating my Framework Question and Topics

This week I met with my advisor for an individual consultation on my topics and framing question assignment- the result was fruitful and inspiring. My framing question and topics have shifted slightly to better reflect my interests.

My updated framing question is, how, if it all, can corporations work for the global good?

My topics, which will form my introduction, are

  1. Neoliberalism
    1. Globalization of supply chain
  2. Corporation
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Sustainability reporting (including how is it measured)
    1. Voluntary standards, social and environmental voluntary certifications, third party auditing
  5. Ethical consumerism
    1. Green washing
  6. Government- corporation- civil society
  7. B Corp

These topics will be expanded upon with an annotated bibliography due in my environmental theory class in the coming weeks.

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