Communicating Frameworks

This week saw a real settling in my work- my topics are fleshed out, the annotated bibliography process has contributed to a better understanding of my topic, and the -isms map lead to a more precise understanding of the interactions which situate the approach my capstone is utilizing.

In class this week, we focused on theories that work as meta-frameworks. Meta-frameworkers refer to the ways in which we understand other frameworks. In class we read apocalypticism, the belief that the end of the world is imminent; reductionism, the process of reducing complex phenomena into a single root cause; and essentialism, a mode of reification in which categories assume to be fixed as good or bad. These processes can frame the way in which people digest additional interactions and networks.

While my own thesis does not utilize these meta-frameworks it does utilize a different sort of meta framework. Working more as a perspective of approach, this framework considers power dynamics within the members of the tripartite economy and sources of legitimacy.

All students had the opportunity to present on their capstone projects, providing the space to synthesize our own work and to learn about others- check out my (very) brief presentation. It was really great to learn more about other students capstones and to consider those connections and overlaps various students have.

I am excited to move on to the “middle of my hourglass” more specific topics and really begin investigating the interactions of B Corps in Portland, learning more about the ongoing interactions between the certification, assessment, involved companies, consumers, and the state. Check out my updated thesis landing page to see where the process is at!

2 thoughts on “Communicating Frameworks

  1. Your topics are indeed “fleshed out”. Your capstone’s clarity thus far has been informative for me as I work to clarify my own questions. I am interested in what the ‘tripartite economy” is. You’ve probably told me but I forget haha.


  2. I really like the way that you have summarized the meta frameworks that we talked about in class last week and found ways to apply them to your own work. Seeing how you have used meta frameworks makes me think about how I can apply this concept to my own work. I also went and checked out your thesis landing page which I think is great and so useful! It is so nice to see everything organized in one place, nice job.


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