Filling Out my Outline

This week I continued to work on writing my framework. It was intimidating to begin the real process of communicating my ideas, but I’m glad to have begun. Because I am aiming for an honors thesis, I feel like my framework outline is more than the class assignment demands, but I am happy to work a little harder now to have something put together I can spend time editing.

There is only one aspect of my outline that I continue to wrestle with: the role of the state. Last week, I changed the theory in the ‘state’ category from multi-level environmental governance to green governance. This week I am questioning the inclusion of a state actor at all. When I reflect on the questions and purpose of my thesis, the state does not have a prominent role. Rather, it is the influence of civil society and individuals on markets, in the absence of the state, that I am interested in exploring. However, the state is relevant given the unique role of the B Corps certification in influencing state law. My desire to include a theory discussing the state emerges only from my desire to utilize the neoliberal capitalist imaginary. However, I have also given ample time to discuss the role of the state in the neoliberal capitalist system and could utilize that space alone.

I plan to continue writing my framework and piecing bits together. I’m not ready to make any decisions regarding the theory and topics around governance. I’m looking for suggestions so please, readers, help me out with your thoughts in the comments!

1 thought on “Filling Out my Outline

  1. Hi! I am not quiet sure how to give you great feedback about this question because I do not have a big enough picture of your framework. Is there any way that you could just include the parts about the state under your category of b corp and do not expand it anymore than that. Just an idea, not sure if I am really understanding the question though.


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